Master the wild at Diamond Heart Training Grounds


What We Do

We offer a variety of wilderness medical training courses, including first aid and first responder, and award new certifications and recertification. CPR and all Wilderness Medical classes are taught by Instructors certified by the Red Cross and other governing bodies.

Learn more about rope evacuation, UTV/ATV driving, and more in our search and rescue training courses. Our search and rescue training courses can be customized based on your unique requirements and goals.

In our hands-on, rain-or-shine backwoods training courses, you’ll learn about edible plants and mushrooms, water gathering and purification, primitive hunting/trapping/fishing techniques, fire starting, shelter building, and other bushcraft skills.

Diamond Heart Wilderness Training Grounds is a restricted 55-acre property. By offering courses on private grounds, we can customize each course based on the needs of police, firefighters, SAR teams, and other first responders training on our property.

All-Levels Professional Wilderness Training

BackWoods Rescue & Survival offers a wide range of courses at Diamond Heart Wilderness Training Grounds. Our customizable classes are available to the general public and businesses allowing us tailor to the course to your needs for team building or the unique scenarios needed for first responder training.

Interested in team building or communications training? Learn more about our services available for private groups.

About BackWoods Rescue & Survival

Nature can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. That’s why BackWoods Rescue & Survival was founded. At BackWoods Rescue & Survival, we provide an all-level, customizable wilderness experience for the public, first responders, and corporate businesses hosted on our private, 55-acre Diamond Heart Wilderness Training Grounds. All courses contain staged incidents designed to be as real and lifelike as possible to give you the most valuable experience.

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