Team Building

Corporate Team Building

The significant shift to remote work has left many people longing for lost connections, and time spent in nature restores spirits and strengthens human bonds. BackWoods Rescue & Survival offers personalized, hands-on company outings on our private 55-acre grounds. Our rain-or-shine team-building activities will improve communication and trust and help your team create long-lasting bonds. Get started today!

First Aid Training

Our customizable corporate adventures include first aid training. Anyone can fall into an emergency situation in nature, so it’s important to understand how to deal with an injury and stay safe. Our certified instructors provide realistic, active training scenarios to teach your team how to think quickly and maximize available resources. Training topics include first-contact medical care best practices, starting an emergency fire for heat and signaling, and the best items to carry in a field medical kit.


Understanding the wilderness helps you stay safe, harmonious, and happy in the backcountry. The bushcraft instructors at BackWoods Rescue & Survival will cover how to develop an efficient wilderness plan, pack the correct equipment and attire, and find and set up an effective campsite. Your team will also learn different methods of fire-starting, which plants are safe to eat, how to purify water, how to recognize and avoid hazards, and how to construct functional, safe shelters from natural materials.

Wilderness Communication

Every adventurer needs to understand the basics of emergency wilderness communication. Our expert instructors provide valuable, hands-on training in nature-based communications, including properly using handheld communication devices and developing appropriate protocols for communicating during excursions or rescue operations. This rain-or-shine course also covers establishing a chain of command during an emergency situation, trail marking techniques, code words, and knowing when to utilize predefined voice commands.

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