Wilderness Medical Training

BackWood Rescue & Survival’s First Aid (WFA) certification courses are designed for anyone who routinely spends time off the grid. In this hands-on class taught in the wilderness, you will learn a range of effective techniques to use in emergencies when professional first responders aren’t available or are en route to the scene. Topics covered include how to safely assist others with altitude sickness, allergies, anaphylaxis, bone and joint injuries, burns, CPR, head and neck injuries, hyper- and hypothermia, and wound infection.

Our advanced wilderness first aid training courses are designed for wilderness professionals and emergency response teams who occasionally must assist professional EMS. Advanced students will learn how to react to dangerous emergencies in wilderness environments via highly realistic staged scenarios. Strong emphasis is placed on stabilizing, treating, and evacuating injured individuals from challenging locations, specific injury assessments, and long-term patient care.

The five-day Wilderness First Responder Certification Course at Diamond Heart Training Grounds provides expert-level, hands-on training in backwoods medicine. Excursion guides, senior scouts, and other outdoor professionals will learn effective protocols for treating traumatic injuries, bleeding, burn wounds, cardiovascular and respiratory problems, and orthopedic injuries. These courses are conducted regardless of the weather, within reason, so please come prepared for hot, cold, wet, or other inclement conditions.

Recertification Courses

We encourage Wilderness First Responders, EMTs, and other eligible graduates from other wilderness medical training facilities to recertify with us. All courses are taught at our private, 55-acre training grounds, allowing us to customize each recertification course to meet your specific needs. Please note that recertification courses are taught rain or shine, so please come prepared.

Trusted Certifications

At BackWoods Rescue & Survival, we care about providing high-value education that lasts a lifetime. All medical courses taught at Diamond Heart Wilderness Training Grounds are Red Cross-approved, and our dedicated instructors are seasoned wilderness professionals who care about delivering the best instruction possible to every participant. At this time, we are in negotiations with Westmoreland Community College Public Safety Education Department to offer our unique and beneficial courses for college credits. We will announce when this affiliation is official via this website and social media. We’re also working with Westmoreland Community College to offer our beneficial courses for college credits.


Paul G

The WFA (Wilderness First Aid) course I took was a little like drinking from a fire hose at times, but the teaching was done perfectly and I was able to understand so much more than I thought I would. Much more confident when I go out in the woods now. It sure makes a
difference doing this in-person and hands-on

Holiday Park Volunteer Fire Department (Station 236)

Our personnel enjoyed their time up at Diamond Heart. The Instructor cadre were made up of three outstanding & well versed experts in wilderness operations & rescue. The outdoor classroom set the tone for the weekend and inspired our guys to soak it all in. We can’t wait for our next course!

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