As with many outdoor events, our classes are “Rain or Shine” and will happen regardless of the weather (with-in reasonable limits). Lightning and storm related activity will always be taken into consideration and will determine if the class will be held.

Dress as if you will be in the wilderness. You WILL get dirty in the class you have chosen. Clothes should be “weather-appropriate” when it comes to temperature, whether that be cold or warm.

Depending on which class you are taking, you will be notified as to what to bring with you. Remember, since you are out in the wilderness, water and weight should be or high concern. You will always need adequate hydration. You should also think of the weight of what you are carrying, since it will be with you all day.

YES! The deposit will generally be ½ of the total cost of the class, payable in cash/check or an alternative payment method like pay pal. Since we have limited dates for our classes in an average year, no refunds will be issued within 14 days of the scheduled class date.

ALSO NOTE: You will be given a start time for the class you have signed up for. Please make certain you arrive on time or a little early. Due to the nature of our classes we cannot take people out to the group, or allow them to be more than an hour late for a class. You will have the Instructor’s cellular phone number and must call if you run into trouble being on time. Otherwise you will lose your deposit and not be able to attend the class.

YES! There will be two of them. One concerns General Liability against Diamond Heart Wilderness Training Grounds LLC. The second is for releasing Photographs and/or Video to the General Public in the form of advertisements or publicity. These waivers will be emailed to you and MUST be signed and returned PRIOR to the start of the class.

***PLEASE NOTE: Failure to produce these signed waivers will exempt you from the class and you will lose your deposit.

No, unless special arrangements have been made when scheduling the class and extra fees have been added to your total invoice. There is a refrigerator, microwave and even a grill in our lodge for you to prepare food, but remember, your lunch break is limited to 45 minutes. Water will always be provided on site, and sometimes other drinks like tea, soda, etc.

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