Backwoods and Bushcraft Safety

Backwoods & Bushcraft Safety

Learn survival and backcountry safety at Diamond Heart Wilderness Training Grounds. Our hands-on, all-level course is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast interested in maintaining health and safety in nature. Our Backwoods & Bushcraft Safety Course is available to the General Public, and will include hands-on training in basic Wilderness First Aid for first responders needing to become certified or recertified in basic wilderness first aid, to individuals who want to hone their bushcraft skills, or to corporate groups to help develop efficient communication and respectful collaboration.

Topics Covered in Bushcraft Courses


When you are heading into the backcountry, what you pack matters very much. Every ounce of weight and inch of space should be planned to minimize energy expenditure and maximize utility. This bushcraft course teaches best practices for selecting, packing, carrying, and caring for gear.

Campsite Setup

Choosing a suitable campsite location is paramount to enjoying your time in nature. In this class, our expert instructors will teach you vital considerations when picking campsites, including access to sunshine, proximity to water, drainage, firewood availability, fire safety hazards, and suitable terrain.

Food Prep & Safety

Nourishment matters, especially in a survival situation. This hands-on training course teaches various techniques for locating, acquiring, processing, cooking, and storing food in nature. Marauding animals can devastate your food stash in one evening, so it is good to know effective techniques to outsmart them.

Outdoor Survival

Accidents happen, and that is why it is important for every outdoor enthusiast to have at least a basic set of survival skills. Our comprehensive outdoor survival training courses cover topics like fire-starting, shelter building, water purification, forging, first aid, and signaling for help.

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