What to Expect

Prior to Arrival

The process starts by contacting us via phone or email and conveying your training needs to us. It’s best if you have a group to go through your training, but if you don’t, we can place you with others who are seeking the same type of training as you are. For First Responder Groups AND General Public groups, the recommended group size is 6 to 8 participants. Minimum class size is 4 participants. For General Public Groups, try to “recruit” your teams from friends, family, work, and social groups to make your learning more fun. We will have ONE leader assigned for these “recruited” groups.

Upon choosing your course(s) we will send you via email basic forms which will have to be returned prior to your event. These forms include Waivers, Permission to Photograph Trainings, a Roster to be filled out if you are bringing a group, and Insurance Information if you are bringing a First Responder Group. You will also receive an itinerary with starting times, ending times, total days involved, and other information you might need to prepare for your course.

To view our General Waiver and Photographic and Video Release, click here:


While it is always better to train with equipment you have and are currently using, we also understand some groups, whether First Responder or General Public, do not have their own equipment. In these instances, we will provide basic equipment in order for you and your group to effectively complete the training.

This could be very beneficial to First Responder Groups who need to equip, but are unsure of what they will need to best utilize their limited resources. Our Instructors can be a wealth of knowledge in providing advice on which things to buy and which to avoid. General Public attendees can also benefit from learning which equipment items will truly maximize their Wilderness Training Experience, while not wasting their resources on gimmicky or useless items.

Once You Get Here

Weather Happens! All scheduled events are “RAIN OR SHINE” events. They will be done regardless of the weather, within reason. Please make sure that all your participants come dressed in “season appropriate” gear. In some incidents, it might be recommended to bring a change of clothing based on the type of training you choose.

Upon arrival, we will collect all missing Accident Waivers, photo waivers, and insurance information (if any is required). Without these, you will not be able to take the course, and your deposit will not be refunded. Your remaining balance will be due at the end of your last day of training. Please arrive on time. Your scheduled times will be on the itinerary sheets you will receive prior to your arrival.

ENJOY the EXPERIENCE and absorb all the information you can from our instructors.

Find Your Course

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