Search and Rescue Training

Search & Rescue Training

BackWoods Rescue & Survival offers all-skills, rain-or-shine Search & Rescue training courses for first responders and volunteers who wish to enhance their skills. This Training is designed to resemble “real-world” conditions and can be customized based on the needs of your group. Courses include Fugitive Search, Canine Search & Rescue in a Wooded Environment, Steep-Grade Extraction, and Land Navigation using a map and compass.

Volunteer Search & Rescue Training

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for Search and Rescue activities, but weren’t really sure you had what it takes? The Volunteer Search & Rescue training course offered at Diamond Heart Training Grounds teaches students basic wilderness first aid, the best items to have in a “first-contact” medical kit, and smart gear choices that maximize utility while minimizing weight and bulkiness. Other topics addressed include backcountry communication techniques, trail marking, grid tactics, crime scene preservation, and choosing proper attire and gear to meet the demands of the terrain and climate.

Ropes & Rescue

We offer basic and advanced training in rope extraction techniques used in low-level, high-angle scenarios. This training covers accident assessment, proper technique implementation, rope anatomy, effective knot instruction, and using ropes with carabiners, clutches, and pads commonly used in wilderness rescue circumstances. Ropes & Rescue also includes safely securing, balancing, and transporting patients using a field-constructed or pack-in apparatus.

Land Navigation, Map, & Compass Competency

This all-level course provides expert instruction on choosing the best type of compass and how to use it effectively, creating and understanding topographical maps, and the extreme importance of noting key terrain details in wilderness settings. You will learn to use a compass and maps to navigate challenging landscapes involving sudden elevation changes, streams and rivers, and thick vegetation. This valuable, hands-on course is taught on our private 55-acre training grounds and will help you efficiently navigate from the wild back to civilization.

ATV/UTV Safety & Training

Our basic and advanced ATV/UTV driver training is designed for police, firefighters, SAR (search & rescue) teams, and military groups, but can also be adapted for the General Public.

. Familiarity and Mixed Terrain Training courses teach you how to think creatively to effectively reverse, turn in tight spots, travel through swamps, climb steep grades, and handle downed trees and other obstacles using tools carried on the vehicles. This rain-or-shine, hands-on training primarily consists of actual driving, with limited lecturing time involved.

Basic Handgun & Firearms Education

This information-packed course is taught at our private range. In this class, you’ll learn how to identify different types of guns and ammunition, how they work, and how to safely handle, use, clean, maintain, and store them. Other topics addressed include proper stance, grip, sight picture, aim point, firing, and accuracy techniques. Please note that this course does not cover 2nd Amendment rights or legal concepts, and you must bring your current gun permit—if you don’t, we reserve the right to run a background check before you can attend the course.

Jobsite Safety

BackWoods Rescue & Survival offers high-value, customized Job Safety training for construction companies, logging operations, land surveying companies, and other groups or individuals who could possibly sustain injuries when in the wilderness and not within cellular range. Training types available are First Contact First Aid, Trauma assessment, CPR/AED, and Stabilization Practices until the First Responders arrive. We also we offer ATV/UTV Training Courses for all situations. Please contact our helpful team today for more details.

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