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About BackWoods Rescue & Survival

Nature can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. That’s why BackWoods Rescue & Survival was founded. At BackWoods Rescue & Survival, we provide an all-level, customizable wilderness experience for the public, first responders, and corporate businesses hosted on our private, 55-acre Diamond Heart Wilderness Training Grounds. Some courses contain staged incidents based on the needs and skill level of your group, which are designed to be as real and lifelike as possible to give you the most valuable experience.


Our company was founded in 2021 by outdoor enthusiasts Bill and Sarah Kuchma, who wanted to commit their lives to helping individuals understand, appreciate, and navigate nature.

The idea behind BackWoods Rescue & Survival was family-oriented; Bill’s father had been a firefighter for nearly 23 years, so Bill spent a good amount of time with first responders and other individuals he considered heroes. When Bill and Sarah looked at their 55-acre property, they realized they could put it to good use by helping heroes like Bill’s father hone the skills needed to continue saving lives. They realized then that the general public could also benefit from wilderness courses. And from there, our company was born.

Mission Statement

Through careful and thoughtful planning, we wish to create training opportunities and scenarios for First Responders and the General Public which will help them fully utilize the wilderness area that they enjoy. Through excellent instructors and lifelike event staging, we feel as if we can enhance that appreciation they already have and provide for a safe and fulfilling experience in wilderness areas.

Meet Our Instructors

Our dedicated instructors at BackWoods Rescue & Survival are certified experts in off-the-grid navigation, wilderness first aid, and much more. Our experienced mentors enjoy teaching effective, enduring skills that help students absorb more fully into nature, avoid hazards, and stay prepared to act definitively and effectively if an emergency arises.

WFR/WEM Instructor & Advanced Wilderness EMT

Instructor George Aukerman

Owner, Director, Instructor

Bill Kuchma

Senior ATV/UTV Instructor

Instructor Josh Miller

Why Diamond Heart?

If you truly have a love for the wilderness, you want to become as familiar with it as you can so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. You also want to be aware of the dangers that exist and problems that could arise, and know how to react if bad things happen. You love it and respect it just the same. This is the “Heart” in Diamond Heart.

A Diamond is a priceless gem, sought after by many due to its value. In some instances, though, diamonds are used in tools to make them cut better and last longer. When you combine the two, you get something very valuable and durable. This is how we see the training aspect of Diamond Heart Wilderness Training Grounds.

We see the service we provide as something very valuable to anyone who has a love for the great outdoors or may sometimes have to work in it to save those in need when things go wrong. It’s a whole different venture than things that happen in the city (or curbside, as some First Responders call it). So, in short, we love to teach Valuable and Durable lessons about our favorite environment. We also love to provide proper training to those who come to the rescue when things go wrong.

Be aware that all classes at Diamond Heart Wilderness Training Grounds are hands-on, involving different physical activities in varied terrain, and are conducted on schedule, rain or shine, so bring proper gear and attire. You should also count on having an amazing experience in nature, learning new skills, and collaborating with other awesome adventurers!

Lodging isn’t included in our pricing, so if you’re traveling far for training at our grounds, you’ll need to arrange accommodations. There are several motels within 25 miles of the property, and plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, campgrounds, and RV parks nearby. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have!

Please browse our FAQs below to learn more about our training courses and how to prepare for them. If you have any questions about our training courses, team-building activities, or anything else that’s answered in the FAQs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to assist you and make your experience as rewarding as possible!

Our Wilderness Children's Book

For all of our little Wilderness Buddies out there, we have a children’s book that we wrote named “If Puppies had Backpacks”. It’s a fun little board book which tells about the adventures of puppies being their silly selves out in the woods. Fishing, cooking, tenting, and searching will always be fun when our little furry friends are involved. The book is for infants to approximately age 5, but we have many adults who simply love it for a laugh.

For ordering instructions, please contact us through this website: www.lynwilly.com

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